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Good Days and Bad Days

We all have both.  Some days are just inevitably better than others. Some are downright awesome, and some just suck.  But it’s life, and we deal.

Tuesday was one of those great days for me.  I woke up, enjoyed a cup of coffee (or two) with my roommate.  I completed a cover letter, and sent it in for a job application.  And then I baked some cookies. Yummy, yummy peanut butter cookies with a rolo inside 🙂

These guys are SO good, and really simple to make. I used a pouch of cookie mix from the store, but you can use this recipe to make them from scratch.

You just tuck a rolo into a ball of dough and bake! Ta-da!

After making those cookies and eating a few ton, I laced up my new sneaks to head to run club.  Since I recently bought these, I figure I should actually run in them…

Originally, the plan was to run the 3.5 miles to run club. But I left my apartment a bit too late and realized about half-way down The Mall that I wouldn’t make it.  So, the best thing to do was to hop on the metro at the Smithsonian stop!

I finally made it to run club, and had a great time running the 3ish mile loop with the group! Huge thanks to the Saucony rep for letting us wear test the shoes and the vests!

Then, I met some friends at a bar to watch the debate.  Good times!

And then came Thursday. I woke up a little later than I had planned.  And when I was ready to get dressed, I realized the pants I wanted to wear for my meeting that day, had never got washed (whoops!).  Cue panicked Daphne.  I finally resolved to just wear a skirt.  Which I decided I needed to iron.

I got that ironed with no problem.  And then, as I was folding up the iron, this happened.

Yep, caught my finger in the leg of the ironing board.  Super sad face.  Super throbbing finger.  But, I had to move on and get out the door for my meeting.

The meeting went well (woo!) and I came back home.  I sat down to do some reading and ended up falling alseep.  FOR ALMOST TWO HOURS! Wah! I woke up and it was 5:30pm! And to make matters worse, my finger was still hurting! (I know, I’m such a baby)

I decided to go out for a quick run, and ended up making it a semi-speed session.  It felt good to run “fast”, even if it wasn’t for very long.  I was also able to clear my head a little and convince myself that I CAN do this marathon (10 days!) Then I came home to this guy.  Enter foam roller.

Everyone tells me that the foam roller is good for me.  But let’s be honest, it feels otherwise.  But I still try to keep our relationship going. One painful roll at a time. 😦

So to console myself, I made a nice tray of kale chips. Works like a charm every time!

What do you do to make a bad day better? Candy usually works for me, but last night, kale chips won! (well that, and some more of those cookies 🙂 )

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Well, so much for plans…

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


I know the day is just about over, so I hope everyone had a wonderful day/evening, full of lots of candy/roses/chocolate/shenanigans. 🙂

Since Kevin lives in Baltimore (and I dont reeeeally believe in the hype of Valentine’s Day), I just planned to go to my usual Tuesday night run club.  I left work on time, changed and headed down to City Sports to meet with the Run Club crew.

And I was 1 or 2 people.

I guess the Run Club crew believes in the celebration of Valentine’s Day!

So naturally, we decided to celebrate our way: WINGS! 20 cent wing night at 51st State, that is! Woohoo!

Way better than a  5 mile run around the monuments, don’t you think?

However, I would like to add that I did in fact eat a “healthy” lunch.

Last night, I was feeling inspired by Roti’s tomato and cucumber salad, and decided to make my own.  I chopped about 3 roma tomatoes, a half of cucumber, a little broccoli (had some leftover) and about one chicken tenderloin.  Threw it all in a bowl, added about 1 tsp of greek vinagrette and shook.  Shoveled into a tortilla, and then promptly shoveled into my mouth.  #winning!

I plan on having the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. 🙂

And now, to continue on the downward food spiral – dessert!

I promise I’ll actually run tomorrow to make up for all my non-running.  Night y’all!


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Return to Run Club

Tonight was my first night back at the City Sports Run Club in over a month.  So, you can imagine my shock and surprise when I arrive and there are about 30 people all ready to run!  I saw many, many familiar faces, so I was still excited to be back and ready to run (sort of…).  We stepped outside for the obligatory CS group picture, which obviously took a while with such a large group.  That was when I realized this run was not going to be easy.  The wind was blowing.  HARD.  When it’s super windy, I usually opt to stay indoors and do a comparable workout like a 20 2 minute ab workout, stretching and double-fisting beers.  But, peer pressure convinces me to run quite often, and it didn’t fail this time.

I will say, I am glad I ran.  Aside from the wind, the weather was great – it was around the mid-50’s (crazy, i know!) and clear.  Lovely night.  AND, we ran around the Washington Monument, past the WWII Memorial and past the White House.  It was one of those runs that make me glad to live in DC.  Plus, I didn’t have to knock down dodge any tourists coming up 15th street! 🙂

Run Club group shot during the warmer days of summer

This run was also great because IT WAS COMPLETELY PAIN FREE! I’ve been struggling with some IT Band pain, and with the ING Miami Half Marathon quickly approaching, I’ve been in sort of a panic.  I know this is terrible, and I should slapped on the wrist for this, but I just need a quick fix.  I need something to get me through those 13.1 miles, and then after that I will take the appropriate time to heal.  Which is perfect, because after Miami, the race calendar is empty! (read: please offer race suggestions that are not sold out)

*Fingers crossed* that my next run is pain free too!

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