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Just One Drink

Always the famous last words, right?  Well, after being roped into going to happy hour yesterday, I told myself, “just one drink.”

The original plan was to leave work around 5:30, go home and change, and then head to the run with the Striders.  A day of minimal productivity changed that plan to: leave work around 6:30 or 7, go home and run on The Mall.  Then the persistence of my co-workers changed my plan to: go to happy hour for just one drink, 1 hr max,  and then go home and run.  Peer pressure, gets me every time.

So we get to happy hour, and as I’m preparing to order a beer, a Manhattan is immediately handed to me.  Apparently someone ordered it, and decided it was too strong.  So obviously the next thing to do is to force Daphne to drink it.  Pressure from co-workers and your boss can do a lot of damage when it comes to drinking.  At that point, everyone figured my PM running plans were out the window (I kinda did too).  Eventually I finished it (yes, I was starting to feel tipsy), and at that point it was 8:30.  I seriously spent like 15 min deciding if i should stay and hang out with them, or go home and run like a good little runner.  Meanwhile, I was chomping down on the calamari, fries and other goodies that were being passed around.  Finally around 9:00, I made the decision.  Going home to run!  So I hopped on the Metro, and got home as quickly as possible.

Upon arrival chez moi, I quickly applied KT Tape, changed, and prepared to head out the door.  I will admit, there was def some hesitation because of the cold and the current time.

Hands down the latest I've ever left for a run! (except for Ragnar & HTC)

But, I just decided to go out and only “commit” to 20 minutes.  If I felt cold (or still boozy) then I could turn around after 10 minutes.  I’m happy to say,  I finished the entire 4.35 mile run!    I did learn a few things along the way:

  1. Bourbon before a run = NOT A GOOD IDEA.  I kept burping up my Manhattan and it was not super pleasant.  Or really pleasant at all.
  2. 3 summer layers do not equal a winter layer.  It’s been a while since I’ve done laundry, so all my good winter clothes are still dirty.  But i thought, a tanktop and 2 long sleeves should be fine! Well it was, until the wind hit, and then it was cold! Def will not skip the wind-protecting layers from now on.
  3. There are no tourists out at 10pm.  Or other runners, bikers, people enjoying DC scenery, etc.  In fact, the only people I saw were in their nice, warm cars and were pointing at me.  For some reason, I never thought that 10pm was too late for people to do the monuments tour,  But I will say, it was nice to have the Wash Monument & The Mall to myself.
  4. Capitol Hill.  Okay, so this isn’t new, but it still manages to surprise me/ throw me off guard.  And no matter how many times I run that stupid hill, it still sucks.

By the time I got back, stretched and rolled out the necessary spots, it was basically 11:00pm and i was huuuuuungry.  11:00pm is a scary time for a hungry person for 2 reasons : 1- everything has just closed (goodbye Good Stuff Eatery, goodbye SweetGreen), and 2- it’s waaaaay too late to begin thinking of dinner ideas.  I needed something PRONTO.

What's more instant than breakfast?

Enter oatmeal, apples and greek yogurt (for a little added protein).  All finished off with a Mango Tango smoothie.  And what’s even better, is that my roommate came home, and had a bowl of cereal for dinner! GMTA!

All in all a great day.  And just in case you’re wondering, no verdict yet on the KT Tape.  I tried one taping method, but will try out another on my run this weekend.  Still staying positive!


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