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Always learning something new

This past weekend, I was up in NYC visiting my friend Sarah.  As always, we had a great time.  However, this time, I did learn a few things.

1) Central Park is a veeeery large circle and it is easy to get lost.  Saturday morning, I left Sarah’s apartment for a quick 40 minute jog.  Since she lives just a few blocks from Central Park, it only made sense to do an out-and-back there.  Plus, I had done this before.  Well, my 40 minutes turned into over an hour, and I ended up doing 7+ miles.  Once I hit the turn-around point (after about 22 minutes), I headed back exactly how I came.  Except, I couldn’t remember exactly which way that was.  I headed one way, doubted myself, and the retraced my steps to head the other way.  After running about a quarter-mile in that direction, I realized I was wrong and turned around to go the way I had the first time.  I followed the road around to a park exit on 69th Street.  Yessss! Sarah lives off 69th!  I was so proud of myself, and felt like I could easily navigate myself in this huge city! I got about 3 blocks down the road when I realized, Sarah lives on EAST 69th Street, and I was on WEST 69th Street.  UGH. I headed right back to the park.  So then I followed the straightest path possible right through the park to end up on East 69th.  And arrived at her door, an hour later.  Yes, Central Park, next time I will carry a map.  Or my phone.  Probably both.  And maybe ask for directions too.

Definitely not my finest hour. Literally.

2) Yummy tacos come with an odd/cool/unique decor.  For linner (we skipped lunch in lieu of seeing The Hunger Games.  BEST. DECISION. EVER.) we went to this little restaurant called Cascabel Taqueria.  We started with the guac and it was perfect!  I order the carnitas tacos, and they came topped with crispy rice.  It was delicious! The tacos were so over stuffed, that you really only need 2 to make you full.  The first one I attempted to eat like a real taco, but the second one, I had to go at it with a fork.  And then there was the decor.  Reminded me of Nacho Libre (I think that’s what that movie was called?).  Was a cute, fun theme.  I DEF want to come here again (ya heard, Sarah!).  There are soo many taco options to try!

3) Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean are AWESOME in concert! Yep! We headed out of the city, to New Jersey (i know..) to the IZOD Center.  There we witnessed the awesomeness that is Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.  It was seriously so much fun! Also, must note, Luke Bryan’s attempts to dance were just so freakin’ cute!

(Sorry, no actual pics of Jason.  I’ll have to get Sarah to share some)

4) I like coconut water, but not tropical fruit coconut water.  I thought it wold be awesome.  I mean adding more tropical fruits to coconut sounds like perfection and happiness.  But no. Eww. Gross.  I feel betrayed by the pretty pink carton design.  Eww.  Can’t even talk about it.  Just don’t make the same mistake I did.

All in all, it was a great weekend get-a-way.  Next time, Sarah PROMISES to take me to one of the many cycling studios in her hood.  So, I look forward to that adventure someday.  🙂  But for now, I need to take an adventure to Rite Aid to stock up on candy! Can you believe my candy drawer at work is empty??!!

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Few Things Friday

Because I have no idea where this post is really going 🙂

  • NYC Weekend! I’m heading up to the Big Apple tonight to visit friend-Sarah! I haven’t visited her there in about a year, so this visit is long over-due.  I’m VERY excited.  Although, I am less than pumped for the weather forecast.  It’s not terrible, but it’s certainly not the 80 degree, sunny day we’re currently experiencing here in DC.

  • Lunch today! I was a bit of a hungry, hungry hippo today, and needed different things to satisfy me.  Enter, Smoothie King, Pop Chips and Potbellys.  I LOVE the child-size smoothies! They are the perfect amount.

There was also a sandwich, but I ate it too quickly

  • Apparently I’m terrified of speedwork.  I attempted to go out for a tempo run 3 times (2x in the early AM, and once post-work) and something always came up.  WTF?! When did I become such a wimp! Must get this out of my system FAST!  I finally decided that my “A goal” for the GW Parkway Classic will be 1:25, which is an avg pace of 8:30.  Clearly, I’ve got a lot of work to do.  But last year, I finished in about 1:27, so I’d be so great to beat that.  And the only way to get there is through the speedwork that I’m avoiding.  Whomp whomp.  Officially 4 weeks to pull my sh*t together.
  • Sarah and I didn’t get into the Mt. Washington Road Race! Although that means there’s a gap in my race plans, I’m VERY relieved I will not be racing it.  Don’t get me wrong, the feeling of accomplishment that would come from running 7.6 miles uphill would probably be AWESOME.  But, during those 7.6 miles (and the 2+ hours that it would probably take me) I would most certainly be cursing myself and Sarah for even coming up with the idea.  Maybe next year, when I am more mature and have more confidence in my training abilities…
  • Crock-pot Goodness! My mom had an extra crock-pot that she never uses, so I finally decided to cart it off to my apartment.  Now that I have this crock-pot, I have no idea what to do with it.  So far, I’ve heard pulled pork/chicken, apple butter and roasting chicken (from Maria!).  Anything else?  What are your favorite crock-pot recipes?

  • I’m stupidly excited for snack time.  So for my birthday, Kevin gave me a box of 90’s candy.  It had some awesome throwback candy from the days of my youth (oh how i miss those days…).  I’ve been saving the best for last, and it’s finally time for be to enjoy some POP ROCKS! (haha but not with soda.  I was never brave enough to try it.  And I’m still not.) And of course, to remain balanced, I’ll have some carrots and tomatoes too.  🙂

Any fun plans in store for this weekend?

Is anyone else freaking out over the weather? If it’s 80 degrees in MARCH, whats July going to feel like?? I’m scared…

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