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Call me Race Photographer

Yep. I found a new career path, photography.  Specifically, RACE PHOTOGRAPHY.  🙂

Kevin and his friend Brian signed up for the Primal Mud Run out in Warrenton, VA.  It was a 4+ mile run, complete with a dip in a pond, a jaunt over some walls, and a crawl through some mud (so I’ve heard).

Kevin tried to get me to join in on the fun, but I politely declined.  I like the idea of having a different challenge other than a distance race, but this one seemed to be a bit more than what I could handle.  It was rumored that you had to scale a 12ft wall AND carry a log up and down a hill.  Remember my guns? Yeah, I can’t barely carry a water bottle.  But apparently it wasn’t that bad and I totally could have handled it.

Oh well, next time.  Maybe.  Probably not. 🙂

After waiting forever Kevin and Brian finally came around the bend to the final obstacle.

And then they tackled the mud pit, taking care to stay out of the way of the barbed wire that was hovering above their heads.

Some didn’t do so well avoiding the barbed wire.

But all in all, they both had a great time tackling the obstacles and getting down and dirty.  And I had a great time photographing it all.  Next time you need a race photographer, don’t forget about me!

Have you ever done a mud run? Would you do it again?

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