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Remember when my watch died like forever ago.  And I was planning on fixing it/ earning myself a new one?  And I did? Well it was time to fix that.

Finally, I gathered the necessary materials and brought my Garmin FR60 back to life!

It was a pretty easy process.  But I will say, I took several laps around CVS to find that eye glasses repair kit.

But now we’re ready and back in action! Just in time for my attempt at running intervals tonight! Hopefully this will help me stay on track for my future runs and through MCM training.

(I’m still hoping to “earn” a newer, better watch, I’ll post soon about my upcoming race for that)

However, after running 2ish months without a watch, I kind of like the freedom and the back-to-the-basics feeling it gives me.  I think I will continue to do many runs without it, but still using it for intervals, tempo runs and long runs.

How often do you run with a watch?  Necessity or distraction?

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Trying new things!

First things first, I did not make use of the crock pot this weekend. 😦 I know, I’m sad too! I had such high hopes for all the crock pot cooking I would do, and none of it has been realized yet.  BUT, there’s still time! Maybe this week, or this weekend? Who knows when it will finally happen, but I will DEF share it when it does! 🙂

On Saturday morning, I slowly emerged from my bed and pushed myself out the door for a long run.  And by slowly, I mean slooooooooowly.  I woke up at 10 (sleeping in just feels so right) and didn’t actually head out until 11:30.  What was I doing for an hour and a half? Good question! I know I got dressed, and sipped on some Gatorade, and I guess putz-ed around (is that a phrase?) for a bit.  Anyway, eventually I hit the road, with the plan to do 10 miles.

I headed down Independence Ave, hopped on the Mt Vernon Trail, passed by Arlington Cemetery and circled around Iwo Jima.  Let me tell you, running around there brought back some good/awful memories from MCM.  The hill right before you hit Iwo Jima is just cruel, but also makes you feel powerful.  And I will admit, I did get very excited for MCM round 2 this year! 🙂

The rest of my run went through Rosslyn, across the Key Bridge, through Georgetown (bad idea), along the Rock Creek trail, and past the Lincoln (another bad idea).  That’s the point when I realized A) tourist season is in full swing, and B) time to find new running routes (or run earlier in the morning!).  I dodged more tourists than I care to remember, and even had to stop and walk bc I got stuck behind a pack that just HAD to walk 5 across. 😦  I’m not going to lie, angry Daphne started to emerge.  It was incredibly frustrating.  So, if there are those of you that are planning to visit DC and do the whole monument tour thing, I have a few suggestions.

How not to piss of DC residents, and still enjoy the city:

  • Look up.  Please, please, PLEASE watch where you’re going.  Your eyes should be looking in the direction your feet are moving.  This is critical.
  • Don’t take up the entire sidewalk/path.  I know you’re traveling with your entire family, but you all don’t NEED to be shoulder-to-shoulder the entire time.  Please be aware that there are people behind you that want to pass.  If you’re not aware, just know that someone might come barreling into you. And I’m stronger than I look. (Okay, no, that’s a lie)
  • When riding the metro escalator STAND ON THE RIGHT.  Please don’t try to rationalize why DC people can’t take the time to patiently ride the escalator.  Just let me save my precious 30 seconds by not having to (angrily) wait behind you.
  • If you’re lost, just ask for directions.  I may not look very friendly, but I will certainly help point you in the right direction, should you need it.  Besides, when you’re standing in the middle of the path, looking at a map you can’t read, we all know you’re lost.  But now you’re lost and in everyone’s way.  Don’t be that idiot.

Other than elbowing dodging hoards of tourists, my run was fantastic! I finished with 11.3 miles and really felt great for most of it.  I say most of it, because for the first 2-3 miles, my legs still felt tired (I had done hills 2 days ago).  The only downside is that I don’t know if it was a fast run.  My watch is still out of commission (locating a watch battery has proved to be quite difficult), so I have no idea of time.  This reminds me, I’ve been using the Garmin FR60 for about 2-3 years now, and it works using a footpod system, which doesn’t always accurately calculate the distance.  I think I’m ready to finally upgrade to GPS, and suggestions?  Right now, I’m considering the 405CX, but is there another model that you really like?

In other news, I did my very first ice bath! After finishing my run, my legs were dead, and certainly in need of repair.  I was unsure of how to proceed, aside from bathing with ice, so i resorted to my good friend Google for help.  Google led me to Emily at Sweat Once A Day, where she did a very informative post on how to do an ice bath.  Armed with knowledge, and a bucket of ice (well, and a few other things) I headed to the bathtub.

Tea is necessary.  It kept me warm enough so that I didn’t think much about how cold my legs were.

Entertainment is also necessary.  And if you’re me, watching clips of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is SO necessary.  I’m now obsessed with this show!

Next time, I will make sure to either make more ice ahead of time, or buy a bag from the store.  The few ice cubes that I did have melted pretty quickly.  And I think the water could definitely have been colder.  BUT, I will also note that I think it not being too cold made for a tolerable experience.  It certainly was cold, and my legs were stiff when I finally got out, but I think more ice would prob be better.

Have you ever done an ice bath? Any tips to share? 

Also, current tv obsession?  In addition to My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, lately I’ve been watching a lot of River Monsters, and it makes me want to go fishing in a remote area of Africa.

Garmin suggestions?? 

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Welcome back to running!

After taking over a week off of running (bc I’m lazy), I finally made my grand return!  Woo hoo! I also decided on how I want to proceed training-wise for the next few months.

It took some convincing, but I finally made it out the door this evening.  I ran about 4 miles, in an unknown amount of time.  I can be a relatively competitive person, especially with myself.  So, whenever I run with my garmin, I’m constantly aware of my pace.  This sounds like it could be good, but what ends up happening is that I push each and every run.  So, in order to force myself to calm the f**k down, I made the executive decision to leave my garmin at home.  For this run, it worked out great! I was able to relax, and just enjoy the run.  I’m going to start forcing myself to leave my watch at home for at least one run a week (maybe long run?)

Do you have this over-competitive problem?

I also thought a little about future training and races.  Since I’m still experiencing some tightness in my IT Band, I think I will hold of on planning for any races until March.  That way, I can focus on building a solid base, stretching and strengthening.  Luckily for me, in the latest issue of Runner’s World, there’s a piece on base training, so I can make sure to do it right.  The next 3-4 weeks (at least) will be my base training.  I’m excited to begin “base-ing”! 🙂

And now, onto today’s breakfast:

Chobani, apple butter and Kashi cereal! Yum!

Over the weekend, my sister and I decided to make some apple butter.  Last time I made it, it was such a hit, but a tad too sweet for me (weird, considering my passion for refined sugars).  So this time, I added less sugar and it was perfect!  This morning, I decided to add the apple butter to my greek yogurt, along with some Kashi Go Lean Crunch.  I promise, it was way more appetizing than it looks!  The sweet and tartness of the apple butter complemented the yogurt perfectly, and the cereal added a little crunch!

While I was at my parent’s house this weekend, I also took advantage of my Mom’s grocery shopping.  She went on a fruit & veggies run, so naturally I had to come along (with my own grocery bag too)! I walked away with tomatoes, bell peppers, grapefruits (breakfast tomorrow!), swiss chard, apples and broccoli. (Thanks Marie!) So needless to say, I was excited to come up with something to cook tonight.

I’ve never cooked swiss chard myself (i know, Marie treats me so well) so I decided to put that on the menu tonight.  Plus, I had some leftover Buffalo Chicken Dip from the Super Bowl fun that I wanted to use.

A buffalo chicken sandwich with ranch dip, and swiss chard and bell peppers

I sautéed some garlic and red bell peppers with the swiss chard.  And then I made a sandwich with sliced deli chicken, tomatoes and the buffalo chicken dip.  I also mixed some ranch seasoning with greek yogurt to make a ranch dip for my sandwich 🙂 Overall a great and super filling dinner.

I feel very content with Monday.  I got to work semi-on time (thanks WMATA for the 15 min delay), I did a good amount of work (thanks IT staff, for not getting the Intranet up ALL DAY), I went for a great run  AND I made a delicious dinner!  Obviously the second part of my day was better than the first.  🙂

Here’s to a great rest of the week!


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