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Monday smiles

Today was sort of a slow, grey day.  The sun barely came out, it was raining on and off all day, and I felt tired and super frustrated with work (mostly bc I screwed up).  So, I’m going to take the time to focus on some things that are making me happy. 🙂

My latest race medal – I worked hard for this, and I’ll work even harder for the next one!

Yay for a half-marathon PR!

Candy dishes at work – especially ones that used to hold birthday flowers

It contains chocolate for my office mate too!

Tickets to the Newseum – as a thank you from our CFO for helping with the new office painting.  Anyone want to go? 🙂

I’m excited to go visit the Newseum!

Manicures – My mom, my sister and I all got manicures for Mother’s Day! (I forgot to get pictures of all of us)

Yep, those are jelly beans in the background. If you ask nicely, I’ll share.

What’s making you smile these days?

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Few Things Friday

Because I have no idea where this post is really going 🙂

  • NYC Weekend! I’m heading up to the Big Apple tonight to visit friend-Sarah! I haven’t visited her there in about a year, so this visit is long over-due.  I’m VERY excited.  Although, I am less than pumped for the weather forecast.  It’s not terrible, but it’s certainly not the 80 degree, sunny day we’re currently experiencing here in DC.

  • Lunch today! I was a bit of a hungry, hungry hippo today, and needed different things to satisfy me.  Enter, Smoothie King, Pop Chips and Potbellys.  I LOVE the child-size smoothies! They are the perfect amount.

There was also a sandwich, but I ate it too quickly

  • Apparently I’m terrified of speedwork.  I attempted to go out for a tempo run 3 times (2x in the early AM, and once post-work) and something always came up.  WTF?! When did I become such a wimp! Must get this out of my system FAST!  I finally decided that my “A goal” for the GW Parkway Classic will be 1:25, which is an avg pace of 8:30.  Clearly, I’ve got a lot of work to do.  But last year, I finished in about 1:27, so I’d be so great to beat that.  And the only way to get there is through the speedwork that I’m avoiding.  Whomp whomp.  Officially 4 weeks to pull my sh*t together.
  • Sarah and I didn’t get into the Mt. Washington Road Race! Although that means there’s a gap in my race plans, I’m VERY relieved I will not be racing it.  Don’t get me wrong, the feeling of accomplishment that would come from running 7.6 miles uphill would probably be AWESOME.  But, during those 7.6 miles (and the 2+ hours that it would probably take me) I would most certainly be cursing myself and Sarah for even coming up with the idea.  Maybe next year, when I am more mature and have more confidence in my training abilities…
  • Crock-pot Goodness! My mom had an extra crock-pot that she never uses, so I finally decided to cart it off to my apartment.  Now that I have this crock-pot, I have no idea what to do with it.  So far, I’ve heard pulled pork/chicken, apple butter and roasting chicken (from Maria!).  Anything else?  What are your favorite crock-pot recipes?

  • I’m stupidly excited for snack time.  So for my birthday, Kevin gave me a box of 90’s candy.  It had some awesome throwback candy from the days of my youth (oh how i miss those days…).  I’ve been saving the best for last, and it’s finally time for be to enjoy some POP ROCKS! (haha but not with soda.  I was never brave enough to try it.  And I’m still not.) And of course, to remain balanced, I’ll have some carrots and tomatoes too.  🙂

Any fun plans in store for this weekend?

Is anyone else freaking out over the weather? If it’s 80 degrees in MARCH, whats July going to feel like?? I’m scared…

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What have I done?!

Before I recap my lovely Wednesday for you, I want to share with you my Tuesday evening surprise!

Elephants! To promote the upcoming circus, there was an elephant parade (and some horses, but those were less exciting) through the streets of DC! We caught the tail end of it, and even saw some circus performers.

It was quite a surprise, but a great way to end Tuesday (of course, after I skipped my run for margaritas 🙂 )

And now onto Wednesday…

So after being a lazy-margarita-guzzling bum, I decided I needed to turn my life around. I started the day with some blackberries sprinkled with Splenda, as my breakfast.  I don’t know how/why I’ve never done this before.  Usually I just tough it out with the really tart berries, never realizing that a little Splenda can go a long way.  Life changed!

To continue “staying healthy,” I ventured down Connecticut Ave to visit Sweetgreen for lunch.  I hadn’t been there in a while, and since our office will be leaving Dupont soon (tear 😦 ) I figured I should take advantage and go.

YUMMM! Had a delicious salad of romaine & spinach, with avocado, red onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, bacon and almonds, with their champagne vinaigrette.  Seriously SO GOOD.  I have to apologize to my cubicle neighbor for the shoveling sounds I made while eating at my desk.  I just couldn’t devour it fast enough!  Eating healthy never felt so good!

But, I couldn’t stay strong for too long.  Around 3:30 pm, I had a craving.  And some refined sugar products were needed. So I convinced some of my co-workers to accompany me on my trip to Rite Aid.

Yup.  It’s physically impossible for me to leave Rite Aid with just one bag of candy.  I consider it complete restraint not having left with four bags of candy! 🙂

After my candy-feast (note: i did not eat ALL of both bags, just a significant portion of one) it was time to get in running mode.  With about 4 weeks until my 10 miler, I was ready to start getting my butt kicked in workouts.  (To be honest, the butt-kicking is WAAAAAAY overdue, I’m just slow).

In the plan:

  • 1 mile warm up
  • 2.5 miles with at least 6 fartleks thrown in
  • 1 mile cool down

Welp. I did it.  Can’t say it felt good.  At all.  In fact, I can say it felt not so good.  Plus, my late afternoon candy-feast bounced around in my stomach the entire time.  Sometimes Daphne makes bad candy decisions.  Eating candy is not one of them, but eating lots of candy 45 minutes before a run is.  Lesson learned.  It’s for real a hard knock life.

So now I have fully come to realize that I am pretty out of shape, fartleks are hard, and jelly beans and reese’s pieces are not great pre-run fuel.  It was one of those moments (and by moment, I mean all 2.5 miles of the speed part) where I regret all those missed workouts, crunches, planks, etc.  WHY DIDN’T I WORK HARDER SOONER?

But hindsight is 20/20, right?  Today, the future is bright (and 80 degrees!).  I will have a nice relaxing recovery run.  (but no jelly beans immediately before it – see, I learn quickly!)

What are some of your favorite butt-kicking workouts?

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Surprise, surprise!

Whew! It’s been a while since I blogged! I apologize for my absence, but it surely has been a busy week.

To start out, I had my birthday last week! Yay!  Little did I know that my day would be full of surprises…

I’m a March 1st baby, so I woke up Thursday morning, ready to embrace my 27th 20-fun year!  Unfortunately, I had scheduled a 7:30am call with our partners in Sri Lanka.  Not how I ideally wanted to start my birthday.  But was excited nonetheless to chat with our partners! They’re always so friendly and happy!

First surprise: we couldn’t get a solid connection.  We called, then the call dropped, we called, then the called dropped, over and over again.  Skype is so useful in many situations, but when the connection is iffy, welp, its useless.  Eventually we were able to get enough of a connection for me to ask for another number, and I just called their land-line number. We finally got to chatting, and the call overall went well, and I continued with my day.  Around lunch time, my co-worker Melissa and I decided that we wanted to enjoy the sunshine and food trucks for lunch.  So we trekked down to Farragut Square to join the lunchtime food truck party.


SURPRISE: BBQ Bus was there! We had walked down with the plan of checking out the Kimchi BBQ truck, but then I saw this gloriously-yellow site.  I’ve had BBQ Bus on my food truck sights for a while now, so I was very excited to try it.  Sadly, they were out of the bbq pulled pork AND the bbq beef, so I settled for their bbq chicken with coleslaw. (was too hungry for pictures, sorry y’all)  Meh. It was okay.  But, I would def go back to BBQ Bus and try something else.  Hopefully we get another nice day soon, so I can drag more co-workers down to Farragut Square with me! 🙂

After we got our food, we hurried back to the office (yes, we took a cab) because Melissa had a meeting to get to at 1:30pm.  We got back into the office with about 2 minutes to spare.  #winning!

I got back to my cubicle with the intention of enjoying my bbq chicken sandwich at my desk.  I realized I needed a knife to cut my sandwich, so I walked into the kitchen, and… SURPRISE!  The entire office (haha, all 15 of us) was in the kitchen with a yummy KEY LIME PIE! For me! For my birthday!  Yay 20-fun!

I know that we do this for everyone’s birthday, but i was honestly surprised! It turns out that Melissa’s 1:30pm meeting, was my birthday surprise.  I totally got punked! (but a pleasant punk-ing, i will say!)  I enjoyed some pie (DELICIOUS) with my co-workers, and then returned to my desk to eat my lunch.  Haha, I totally had dessert first, but that’s okay, it was my birthday!

I think I had just finished my sandwich, when one of my other co-workers came by letting me know that I had a delivery.  I was immediately confused…

SURPRISE!  Someone sent me flowers!  I immediately checked the card to see who the flowers were from, but it was not signed! I literally spent the next day trying to figure out who they were from, because someone (ahem – KEVIN) would not admit to it.  Crazy boy.

After work, I met some friends for birthday happy hour at District Chop House.  I had a great time! Great friends, good drinks, what’s not to love.  And then all of a sudden… SURPRISE!  The bartender brought this little treat out!

You can’t really see it, but the candles on the piece on the left are in the shape of a 2, and on the right a 7.  The bar apparently didn’t have any candles, so Krystal-Rose ran out to the nearest CVS to pick some up! 🙂 Too sweet!  The fun continued at another bar, and then at Johnny Rockets (I had apparently missed all food earlier in the night).

(It’s important to note that the bartender originally brought out a piece of chocolate cake w/o candles.  Needless to say, he was disappointed to hear that I didn’t like chocolate.  But, he totally redeemed himself.  I will be back for more happy hours, bartender-at-chophouse!)

I had a really fantastic day, and just might be ready to accept my 27th year.  BTW, I think it’s ALSO important to note that I received candy as a gift from my cubicle-neighbor, my sister and my boyfriend.  Now, that is WINNING! 🙂

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?  Do you like tons of surprises?

Any other March babies out there?!

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Post-Valentine’s Day

Now that Valentine’s Day is said and done, the real fun begins for me. 🙂

  • After-holiday candy sales.  Valentine’s day is no different.  Hello multiple-bags-of-candy-hearts-for-50% off!  I promise I won’t go too crazy – just a few bags to stash at work, and a few for my apartment (and maybe I’ll share with my roommates?)

  • Dinner with Kevin!  I made it up to b-more this weekend, and we dined at the lovely Milan restaurant on Saturday night.  Sorry there are no pics from the dinner, but I promise it was all super yummy! For my main course, I had ravioli stuffed with grilled chicken, tomatoes and spinach.  It was great! And the tiramisu for dessert was perfect! 🙂

This is probably what I looked like

  • Time to get back in shape! My week off from running is over, so I am officially getting back into it! I ran 5 miles on Saturday morning, and it felt okay.  I mean, I was really aware of the fact that I had taken a week off, but I managed to get through it.  Tomorrow, I plan to do about 6-7.  Also, I need to start doing that intense core workout again.  I’ve decided this is going to be the summer of abs!
  • 2 weeks until my birthday! (and i’ve already let my parents and my sister know exactly what they should get me – heellllo new running shoes!)

I’m not going to lie, my approaching birthday is a bit more panic-inducing than excitement-inducing.  But I’m trying to focus on turning 20-fun instead of something else 🙂

And now tomorrow is President’s Day! Yay for having a day off! And to celebrate I’m going to go for a run with maybe a few stops at the monuments. Happy birthday Presidents!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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This afternoon, I needed a little push to stay productive.  So, I decided it was time I head to Rite-Aid and pick up some goodies.

Yep, I am in fact a 6-year-old child that loves Smarties.  And, I’ll admit, I didn’t stop at these 4.  I had 3 4 more… Whoops! So much for everything in moderation!

And later this evening, while I was waiting for the Comcast technician to arrive for our installation date (which btw, ended in failure.  SURPRISE, Comcast failed.) I had this…

Yum, yum, yum.  🙂

So, when dinner time rolled around, I decided I needed to ingest something fresh. (Hehe, you can see a roll of smarties in the upper left – pre-dinner energy!)

Thanks again to Marie for providing me with the veggies for freebies! I sautéed the veggies and boy it all looked good!  Then, I threw them in some pasta sauce, poured it over some cooked rigatoni, topped with shredded mozzarella cheese and then baked at 350 for about 15 minutes.

I wish I had a picture, but I dipped into it right away, because I was that hungry.  But trust me, it was good!

Does anyone else out there still eat Smarties?  What’s your favorite can’t-stop-eating-it candy?

Have a great night!


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I’m one of those people who can just eat, and eat, and eat, and eat alllllll afternoon.  So, in an attempt to curb my inner-fat kid, I’ve decided to plan for healthy & filling snacks.  That way, when 3pm rolls around, I’m not just reaching for the animal crackers and popcorn in the kitchen.  For my mid-afternoon snack today, this is what I had:

A PRO Bar, candy cane and applesauce. Yum 🙂

I’ve gotten really into PRO Bars.  They’re delicious, full of yummy (and real!) ingredients, AND they keep me full.  I’m also obviously into the candy canes.  🙂 Since we’re in the post-Christmas season, all holiday items are 75% off.  That means boxes of candy canes for $0.42! FORTY-TWO CENTS!

I’m clearly not going to say no to that!

42-cent candy canes! How could I say no?

…but I may have gone a little bit overboard.  Whoops!

Two more sleeps until I arrive in warm & sunny Miami! (i should totally start packing now)


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