Weekend Activities

Big Decisions

I put on my big girl pants and made some pretty big decisions.  I’ve decided…

  • I will attempt another 20 miler this weekend.  I figure I’ll go out, and if I feel like cutting it short then I’ll go home.  If I’m feeling strong, then I’ll finish out.  If I finish the 20, I’ll get the confidence on knowing I have a solid 20 miler under my belt.  If not, then I start resting my legs and begin the taper.  Either way, I think it will be a win-win situation!
  • What I’m going to wear for the Marine Corps Marathon 🙂

  • To actually put candy into this thing.  But now I need more candy to fill this up! More Skittles or should I mix in some jelly beans? Maybe Mike and Ikes? ( I can’t make ALL the decisions)

  • To try kale in a salad, and I actually like it! I’ve had kale before sautéed, baked in a casserole and made into kale chips, but never had it raw.  I threw it into my salad last night, and it was good! (also contains spinach and red-leaf lettuce)

  • Well, I already knew this but THE NATIONALS ARE AWESOMEEEEE! I’m super pumped for game 5 tonight against the St.Louis Cardinals! #NATITUDE

Have you made any big/little/important/funny/etc decisions lately?

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Ragnar Relay (Washington, DC) – Race Recap

I’m sure most of you have heard a ton about these relay races so I won’t bore you with the nitty gritty details.  Important facts to know:

  • We ran from Cumberland, MD down to Washington, DC (ish – actually finished at the National Harbor in MD, but these are just details)
  • Started on the morning of Friday, Sept 21, finished afternoon of Saturday, Sept 22 (and then my friend and I went out that night – but that’s another story 🙂 )
  • A team of 12 – separated into 2 vans
  • Each person ran 3 times, in distances from 2-10 miles
  • We were Team Ray’s Hell (11 ladies, 1 Ray)
  • I was runner 8, and ran a total of 20.6 miles (you can see the elevation charts here)
  • It was AWESOME

I think the best part of this race was that I met 2 of the runners over twitter! They needed two more people for their team, so my friend and I joined in! And we had a blast! It was great to meet and spend some quality time with those ladies (and Ray!)

Here are some pictures from our 30+ hours together 🙂

Everyone kept asking where Ray was! He was in Van 1!

The Van 2 ladies of team Ray’s Hell!

You know, just hanging out on the side of the road. Doing the cheering thaaaaaang.

During my first leg, around 6:30pm! Time to put the headlamp on!

Just powering up those monstrous hills! I look totally, in control, right? 🙂

Post- Leg1 and I’m clearly feeling much better! It’s sorta blurry, but I busted out the massage stick.  It was INCREDIBLY useful after some of those hills!

Sometimes you get lost on your legs, and then you make sure to write down all the directions the next time. I was completely guilty of this.  I made sure that for my 2nd leg, I had every left and right turn written down. (Important to note: you will get sweaty, and your directions might smudge…)

And then sometimes you just want some freakin’ sleep!

But if you’re not sleeping, why not do some core work on the side of the road! V-ups, anyone?

We made it to exchange 18! It may have been like 3:00am, but we were still excited to be there! It was a creamery and they had a ton of breakfast food.  Since I was less than 2 hours from my next leg, I opted to skip on the breakfast sandwiches, but HUGE KUDOS to those of us that enjoyed some bacon and rocked a run less than an hour later!

More running through lovely MD (and I don’t say that just bc I’m from MD 🙂 )

Some of these legs were just pure, beautiful running trails. #loverunning #thatsnotmebutitlooksawesomeanyway

Holy crap we finished! AND we weren’t too sore to do a jumping photo!

And now, the rewards. Beer and pizza

And the best part?

The medal doubles as a bottle opener 🙂

This was my second time doing Ragnar Relay DC and it was such an enjoyable experience.  The camaraderie among runners/teams is amazing! Teams are always cheering for other teams and runners!  The Ragnar staff and volunteers are well prepared and always cheerful! We ran into ZERO problems, and everything was super smooth! HUGE thanks to all those that helped out along the way!

Have you ever done a relay race like this?

This was my 3rd one (did Hood to Coast once, and Ragnar twice), and it was still as fun (and just as challenging!) as the first! I can’t wait to do it again next year (or maybe in January? Ragnar FL Keys, anyone?)

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Ragnar Relay DC – Quick Update

On Friday, September 21, Team Ray’s Hell began our trek from Cumberland, MD down to Washington, DC (actually the National Harbor).  It was a lot of running, and time spent cramped in a van, but it was SUPER fun!

Van 2 of team Ray’s Hell at Exchange 6 (Ragnar DC)

Since I was scheduled to run 20 miles that weekend, I wanted to do legs that totaled at least 20 miles.  I chose Runner 8.  Stupidly.  This is the elevation profile of my 3 legs.

Leg 1 – 6.8 miles

Leg 2 – 6.9 miles

Leg 3 – 6.9 miles

My 3rd leg doesn’t seem that bad.  But, oh, it was.  Between all the uphills and downhills on the first 2 legs, my quads were over running.  The downhill part (Capital Crescent Trail) and the flat part (C&O Canal Towpath) were do-able, but those last hills on completely dead legs were just awful.  Also, it’s important to note that the last half-mile was completely uphill.  It was just mean!

But I finished, and I’m decently proud of myself for doing that.  And once the soreness goes away, and I’m able to walk again, I’m sure I’ll feel even better about it!

Yay for team Ray’s Hell (slogan: 11 Ladies. Just one Ray.)! We did an awesome job and I had so much fun! Also, HUUUUGE thanks to all the volunteers out on the course! This literally could not have happened without them all!

More pictures/ a real recap will be coming soon!


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Friday (random) Things

A lot has happened the past month, so I figured I’d give you all a quick recap 🙂

There was some time in Charleston, SC and at the beach (with an obligatory stop at South of the Border!)

And there was time spent at a few Nats games

Getting the free beer stein

Using the free beer stein

(not pictured: losing the free beer stein, then having my friend beg someone for theirs)

Enjoying some sweet treats (this picture times 100 is more accurate)

Late night walks home

And putt-putt at the National Building Museum!

Oh yeah, and watching lots and lots of Olympic events! Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much running.

I’ve been in a bit of a running funk lately.  I just haven’t had much desire to run hard or long, or even easy.  Instead, I’ve just been all too content with watching Olympians work hard!  But I’m slowly emerging from it, and ready to dive back into MCM training.  I went for a “hard” run last night, and it definitely showed how little I have been working out.  I did 5 min hard, 5 min easy, 4 min hard, 4 min easy, 3 min hard and 3 min easy.  At that point, I called it quits.  It was hard, but not in the fun way. It just sucked.  Speed work is never easy, but this didn’t even leave me feeling strong. I just felt pitiful.  😦 Needless to say, I will be jumping back into training this week! Looking forward to busting out some repeat 800s and feeling good about it!

Do you ever go through a fitness funk? How do you pull yourself out of it?

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Weekend (and last week!) recap

Boy, it’s been a while since I last posted! Last week was crazy busy, but I’ll try my best to catch you up!

  • Hot, hot, hot.  I’m sure everyone else is feeling this, but boy is it hot.  I’ve been trying my best to stay strong in the heat, but also stay smart about running.  Which means, I’m carrying my handheld water bottle on basically anything over 6 miles.  I’m pretty sure my biceps will show evidence of this in a few days

  • Track Party Wednesday actually happened on Wednesday! Woohoo! On the schedule was 6×800 @ 3:55.  I managed to do them in 3:55, 3:50, 3:50, 3:51, 3:49, 3:43.  I’m not going to lie, but this makes me feel good about MCM training!  Hopefully, I can keep this up!
  • Crazy storms this weekend!  Luckily I spent much of the storm in  Metro train car, on my way from Foggy Bottom to Cap South, so I had no idea until I emerged!  There sure is a lot of damage! My parents & sister are still without power finally have power back.  Which is awesome, bc oh yeah, and it’s still HOT. 2.5 days without AC is moooore than enough.

  • Made 2 attempts at a long run this weekend.  First on Saturday morning- only got to 4ish miles before I called it quits.  My legs weren’t into it, and neither was my head.  Physically and mentally, I wasn’t ready for a long, hot run.  Attempted again on Saturday morning, but didn’t head out until 7:40, and it was quickly starting to heat up.  Did about 8, so it was close to the planned 10.  It was miles/strides above my attempt on Saturday, just really warm and sunny.  Have confirmed that long runs now need to start during the 6am hour.
  • My calves have been bothering me a bit, and my shins too, so I thought I should bust out the compression socks again.  But since it was above 80 degrees, I figured it was too hot to wear them during my run.  So I opted to rock them after. 🙂 It sort of matches, right?

  • I’m heading to South Carolina in less than 2 weeks!  My friends and I are going down next weekend to spend a few days in Charleston, SC! I’m super excited! I’ve been working on my “beach body” so I’m pretty sure I’m only a few crunches away from perfection.  And by crunches, I mean crunches of the chips and guac I’ve been snacking on 🙂  Any suggestions on places to eat/things to do/see while in Charleston are welcome!
  • PROBARS! I ordered some ProBars (to split with a friend) and they came! I’m def going to use them as my pre-long run fuel.  Although, I read this article the other day, which has me reconsidering breakfast…

  • The beginning of July means… official beginning of MCM training! I’m excited, nervous, anxious, terrified, pumped, etc.  My training partner and I have decided that our motto for this training cycle will be “No Excuses. Play Like a Champion.” (name the movie- this should be easy)

How has the summer heat been treating you?  Are you ready for fall like I am? (well, after my trip to Charleston, of course!)

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Professional fishing, here I come!

This weekend I went fishing for the first time.  And I’m happy to say,  I think I might have a new career. 🙂

Kevin, Brian and I headed out on the Chesapeake Bay on Brian’s boat.  It was my first time going fishing so I really had no idea what to expect.  So I just sat back to relax, and enjoy the ride.

Please enjoy my finger in the upper right hand corner

Luckily for me, it was a GORGEOUS day. Humidity was down, the sun was out, and I was very, very happy. 🙂

We settled in our a “lucky fishing spot”.  Since I had never fished before, I had to get a “casting out”, “reeling in” and “applying bait” tutorial.  I’m pleased to say I did not get the hook stuck in anyone behind me.  (What? I’ve seen this in movies before!) But I was really grossed out by the squid we used as bait. Eww.

After the tutorial was done, Brian explained the scoring system.

  • 1 point for first fish
  • 1 point for biggest fish
  • 1 point for largest diversity of fish
  • 1 point for each witness to catching a fish (people on other boats)
  • 1 point for last fish

Brian got us started by catching the first fish.  I kept thinking that I had a fish on my line, but it always came up empty. 😦  Kevin was next, catching a fish, and then accidentally killing it (we threw back the rest of the fish we caught).

But finally, I caught a fish! My very first fish!

But then Kevin had to go and try to one up me.

2 fish at once? Baby stuff.I could do that (another day, maybe).

And then I caught another! Clearly, I was ready for the big times.  Being that awesome felt GREAT!

But sadly, that was the last fish we saw (which means, I ended up with one point! But Kevin won overall with 2 points, he caught a striped bass and a white perch).

So, we just enjoyed the water, the weather and the ride.

And some of us even got to drive, because we’re all professionals here.

I’ll let you all know when I make it to the Bass Pro Championship (is that a real thing?).  Maybe I’ll let a reader even join me! 🙂

Is everyone enjoying the Track and Field Olympic Trials as much as I am??!! I LOVE that Dathan Ritzenheim made the US Olympic team in the 10,000m! I’m so happy for him (and Amy Hastings too!) OMG, I’m so excited for the Olympics!

What’s your favorite event in the Olympics? I love track & field, swimming and of course gymnastics!

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