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Return to Run Club

Tonight was my first night back at the City Sports Run Club in over a month.  So, you can imagine my shock and surprise when I arrive and there are about 30 people all ready to run!  I saw many, many familiar faces, so I was still excited to be back and ready to run (sort of…).  We stepped outside for the obligatory CS group picture, which obviously took a while with such a large group.  That was when I realized this run was not going to be easy.  The wind was blowing.  HARD.  When it’s super windy, I usually opt to stay indoors and do a comparable workout like a 20 2 minute ab workout, stretching and double-fisting beers.  But, peer pressure convinces me to run quite often, and it didn’t fail this time.

I will say, I am glad I ran.  Aside from the wind, the weather was great – it was around the mid-50’s (crazy, i know!) and clear.  Lovely night.  AND, we ran around the Washington Monument, past the WWII Memorial and past the White House.  It was one of those runs that make me glad to live in DC.  Plus, I didn’t have to knock down dodge any tourists coming up 15th street! 🙂

Run Club group shot during the warmer days of summer

This run was also great because IT WAS COMPLETELY PAIN FREE! I’ve been struggling with some IT Band pain, and with the ING Miami Half Marathon quickly approaching, I’ve been in sort of a panic.  I know this is terrible, and I should slapped on the wrist for this, but I just need a quick fix.  I need something to get me through those 13.1 miles, and then after that I will take the appropriate time to heal.  Which is perfect, because after Miami, the race calendar is empty! (read: please offer race suggestions that are not sold out)

*Fingers crossed* that my next run is pain free too!

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Well, hello there!

Welcome, welcome to the CandyCoatedRunner! I’m brand new to the blogging world, but I’m hoping to share some of my experiences, and hear all about yours! I love running, and usually have an upcoming race on the calendar.  In addition to my minor interests in running and candy, I’m also passionate about international development, traveling, seriously good food, and even better drinks (okay, the drinks don’t have to be that good to get my attention).

Currently, I’m training for the ING Miami Half Marathon in Miami (in 2 weeks!).  Super pumped to do my first half in OVER TWO YEARS, but even more pumped to be in MIAMI BEACH with an awesome group of friends.  Fingers are crossed that my body does not reject my current 2 week training plan…

Miami Beach? Oh yeah, I'll see you in 2 weeks!

In the meantime, I’ll continue my “training” and candy chomping (obviously with a little bit of ab work thrown in)!

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