Big Decisions

I put on my big girl pants and made some pretty big decisions.  I’ve decided…

  • I will attempt another 20 miler this weekend.  I figure I’ll go out, and if I feel like cutting it short then I’ll go home.  If I’m feeling strong, then I’ll finish out.  If I finish the 20, I’ll get the confidence on knowing I have a solid 20 miler under my belt.  If not, then I start resting my legs and begin the taper.  Either way, I think it will be a win-win situation!
  • What I’m going to wear for the Marine Corps Marathon 🙂

  • To actually put candy into this thing.  But now I need more candy to fill this up! More Skittles or should I mix in some jelly beans? Maybe Mike and Ikes? ( I can’t make ALL the decisions)

  • To try kale in a salad, and I actually like it! I’ve had kale before sautéed, baked in a casserole and made into kale chips, but never had it raw.  I threw it into my salad last night, and it was good! (also contains spinach and red-leaf lettuce)

  • Well, I already knew this but THE NATIONALS ARE AWESOMEEEEE! I’m super pumped for game 5 tonight against the St.Louis Cardinals! #NATITUDE

Have you made any big/little/important/funny/etc decisions lately?

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6 thoughts on “Big Decisions

  1. Those are big decisions!

    I had a kale salad this week too and you’re right it’s not bad at all.

    My big decision right now is deciding whether to do my long run tomorrow or Sunday. It’s supposed to rain all weekend with less chance Saturday morning but I really want to sleep in tomorrow. So sleep in tomorrow + treadmill on Sunday or run tomorrow? Hmm… decisions decisions.

  2. Nice Maryland swag!

    Good luck on your run and I hope to see you out on the course!! How cool would that be?

    • daphycee31

      Yeah! I’ll def look for you out there! We should all try to meet up after too!

      • thedancingrunner

        Yes, there are actually a few of us bloggers that are planning to do just that!! What’s your email? I will add you to the email chain – we are still trying to figure out a meetup spot so maybe you can give us some ideas!

  3. I love your positive attitude about your 20 miler, its so great! You will definitely rock your marathon 🙂 And picking outfits is the best part!

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