Friday (random) Things

A lot has happened the past month, so I figured I’d give you all a quick recap 🙂

There was some time in Charleston, SC and at the beach (with an obligatory stop at South of the Border!)

And there was time spent at a few Nats games

Getting the free beer stein

Using the free beer stein

(not pictured: losing the free beer stein, then having my friend beg someone for theirs)

Enjoying some sweet treats (this picture times 100 is more accurate)

Late night walks home

And putt-putt at the National Building Museum!

Oh yeah, and watching lots and lots of Olympic events! Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much running.

I’ve been in a bit of a running funk lately.  I just haven’t had much desire to run hard or long, or even easy.  Instead, I’ve just been all too content with watching Olympians work hard!  But I’m slowly emerging from it, and ready to dive back into MCM training.  I went for a “hard” run last night, and it definitely showed how little I have been working out.  I did 5 min hard, 5 min easy, 4 min hard, 4 min easy, 3 min hard and 3 min easy.  At that point, I called it quits.  It was hard, but not in the fun way. It just sucked.  Speed work is never easy, but this didn’t even leave me feeling strong. I just felt pitiful.  😦 Needless to say, I will be jumping back into training this week! Looking forward to busting out some repeat 800s and feeling good about it!

Do you ever go through a fitness funk? How do you pull yourself out of it?

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11 thoughts on “Friday (random) Things

  1. How do I pull myself out of a funk? Usually one good run will do it, pushing myself farther than I thought I could go, followed by plenty of squats and lunges that I’ll feel for days afterward. If that doesn’t work, do it again tomorrow. 🙂

  2. I was in a major workout funk last week. I was inbetween jobs so I was at home and I felt so lethargic. It was hard for me to get motivated to do anything! I made myself a schedule for this week and am doing much better. Sometimes I need to see a hard-in-stone schedule to feel motivated!

    Good luck!

    Love the beer stein 😛

    • Yeah, a plan def makes it easier to stay motivated. I think I need to post mine in a very obvious place. Or maybe even a few places!

  3. I think I’m sort of going through one right now. My running has been really good…except for one thing. I’ve had some GI probs and have been feeling nauseous during my long runs lately. I’ve tried tons of different things but nothing has helped yet. BLahh.

    On the brighter side, I nominated you today for a Beautiful Blogger Award 🙂

  4. Amanda

    I just got out of a weird fitness funk. I got out of it by setting a plan and making myself stick to it. Also, I wasn’t sleeping well, so frustration from that made me get out and run.

  5. My running funks are usually broken by registering for a race. Works like a charm 🙂

  6. If I feel like I’m in a fitness funk, I’ll take off a couple days and then usually I’ll feel like running again…but if I don’t, I wait a little longer and then go for a jog without the watch or any expectations/pressure and I’m usually reminded of why I love running so much 🙂

    • That’s actually a great idea, to do a no pressure, no plans run. I should really be doing those more often anyways!

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