Track Party Wednesday

I did it! I managed to drag myself to the track for the second week in a row.  And you know what? I actually enjoyed my workout!

I know, I’m just as shocked and surprised as you are!

I got to the track, a little nervous and a bit reluctant to start.  My track buddy was stuck at work (boo!) so I had to go it alone.  Track party of one? I pulled myself together and I started with a 3 lap warm-up.

3 laps? Why not 2, or 4?

Well, the plan was just to warm-up with 2, but I didn’t feel sufficiently warmed-up (which is odd bc it was hot and humid) so I did one more.  And then I stretched for a bit.  And finally, I was ready to step up to the line.

The plan was:

  • 3×800 @ 4:00 w/ 400 jog recovery
  • 2×400 @ 1:30 w/ 400 jog recovery

What actually happened:

  • 800 @ 3:58
  • 800 @ 3:53
  • 800 @ 3:49 (thought this was my last, but decided to do another)
  • 800 @ 3:45
  • 400 @ 1:38 (made me realize I’m not a middle distance runner anymore! ha!)

I was feeling good with the 800s.  It’s always a challenge, but I think I start out slow enough that I have a bit more pick-up in the end.  After seeing my time on the 3rd one, I was like heck! Let’s see if I can do that again.  And I went ALL OUT.  And it felt great! And then I looked at my watch and was like WHAAAAAAT??!! I know it doesn’t seem awfully speedy, but for me, that’s FANTASTIC.  Also knowing that I was able to bust that out after 3 challenging 800s just makes me feel super strong.  🙂

So I decided to go ahead with the 400 to finish off the workout.  I’m doing an 8k in about 6 weeks, so I’d really like to work on my “short distance” speed and finishing speed for that.  Plus, one of my friends is convinced that our team can place, and that I’ll be one of the scorers! Ha! Talk about pressure.

Well, the 400 didn’t feel as good as the 800 did.  And I finished 8 seconds slower that I really wanted to.  But you know what, I’m still happy.  I ran it all out, and I ran it after doing 4 progressively faster 800s.  I’d say that’s a good start to my summer speedwork season!

I finished it all up with a 1/2 mile cool-down.  Serious happy face 🙂 So glad I got out, and rocked it.  If I can keep this up, MCM will go exactly how I want it to!

I followed up my Wednesday night workout with a Thursday morning run.  Not going to lie, I really, REALLY considered just skipping it and going back to bed this morning. My bed is so comfortable, and I was just so sleepy… But then, I thought:


So I got up, a jogged 2.5ish slow easy miles.  It was perfect bc I certainly needed to loosen up my legs.  So for me, the RunStreak is doing it’s job!  My route included a nice loop around the Capitol Building, where I stopped to take a pic, just like a tourist. 😛

Yep, it was 7:00am and the sun was out and ready! It was already a little warm, but I survived.  That’s day 3 of RunStreak for me! (and now I can go to hh guilt-free!)

Do you work out in the morning, afternoon or evening? I’ve been trying the mornings, but it’s so hard!

Favorite track workout? I’m looking for some inspiration and to change things up!

I don’t want to go into too much detail, but I do feel the need to mention why I decided to do the RunStreak.  I have trouble committing myself to my workouts, training plans, morning runs, whatever.  So something that will get me up, out, and on the road is a HUGE plus to me.  Also, with my training, I’ve been trying to incorporate more slow, easy recovery runs, and forcing myself to run the day after a hard run encourages that.  Without the RunStreak looming over my head, I probably would have stayed in bed this morning.  For me, the RunStreak is the extra kick in the butt I need to get my training on track.  It’s not about running a certain number of miles, or adding in harder miles, or even junk miles.  It’s about committing to something, and coming out strong.  Believe me, if I think I need a rest day, I’ll take a rest day.  RunStreak or no RunStreak.  So let’s all be happy for those willing to attempt it, because each person has their own reasoning, but each person could probably use some support!

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7 thoughts on “Track Party Wednesday

  1. Awesome track workout! I’ve never really done much speedwork (if any really) and don’t even know where the nearest track is! You go girl!

    I love acting like a tourist in my own city. I totally stopped to take pictures of the harbor one morning on my run 😛

  2. I like running in the morning, but I don’t like track workouts in the morning, it takes me longer to warm up and I usually don’t eat breakfast before I head out in the morning so it also affects my speed. My fav track workout is 1000m repeats. I also like 2 minute start rules (Set your timer on your stop watch for 2 mins, start your watch, run 400m, whatever is left over on the 2 mins is your rest, when the beeper goes, you start another 400m, and you just keep going like that.

  3. you are seriously like a rock star. I don’t think I’ve ever run at the track. I should though…

  4. I just signed up with a running group to prepare for my first half and once w week we’ll be doing track work. I’ve never done that before and really had no clue what it meant when I saw it on the schedule. I was really happy to see your post! Good luck with your training. LOVE your blog.

    • Thanks! At first the track was really intimidating, but now I like it! It’s a great way to see the progress, and to switch up the running routine! Have fun with it!

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