Remember when my watch died like forever ago.  And I was planning on fixing it/ earning myself a new one?  And I did? Well it was time to fix that.

Finally, I gathered the necessary materials and brought my Garmin FR60 back to life!

It was a pretty easy process.  But I will say, I took several laps around CVS to find that eye glasses repair kit.

But now we’re ready and back in action! Just in time for my attempt at running intervals tonight! Hopefully this will help me stay on track for my future runs and through MCM training.

(I’m still hoping to “earn” a newer, better watch, I’ll post soon about my upcoming race for that)

However, after running 2ish months without a watch, I kind of like the freedom and the back-to-the-basics feeling it gives me.  I think I will continue to do many runs without it, but still using it for intervals, tempo runs and long runs.

How often do you run with a watch?  Necessity or distraction?

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13 thoughts on “Fixed!

  1. I run with a watch all the time but I use it more for distance than pace. I like to run through areas I don’t usually walk through (i.e. on my way to work) and as the city of Chicago likes to start impromptu road projects, its nice to have a watch tracking my distance if I need to reroute my run!

    Good job fixing the watch, thats awesome!

    • Thanks! The distance tracking feature is something I missed most, bc I just never knew how far into my run I was.

  2. WOAHH!! That’s awesome that you fixed it. I am so not good at that type of thing. I’d have probably just bought a new one hahaha

    • Haha, I wanted to just buy a new one soooo badly! But alas, I did not “earn” it. But there’s still time!

  3. I run with my watch every day – I don’t think I really need to but i like too!
    Glad you got yours fixed 🙂

    • I used to run with it every day too! And I felt oddly lost and confused without it. But now, it feels natural to be bare-wristed!

  4. Wow, I could never figure out how to repair a Garmin! Mine died the month before I ran the Philadelphia Marathon in 2010, it was my first “real” attempt at the marathon and I thought my pace at the beginning was “slow”, but it ended up being way too fast, and I bonked bad. I wished I had my garmin to help with the pacing. I since bought a new one. I don’t use it all the time, but I use it for long runs, and speed training.

    • Yeah, I plan to only use my for speed days and long runs. The other runs, I think will just be based on how I feel.

  5. good job for fixing it! I’m totally not handy so i probably wouldn’t have lol. I run with my nike gps app and I’ve found that once i started doing it i haven’t stopped because i feel like i should. sometimes i can be discouraged tho when i have a bad run but i think overall it does help me!

    • Yeah, I agree. The watch can help a ton, but it can also force you to push yourself when your body is really not ready for it. But its also nice to see stats on how you’re doing!

  6. Stacey

    I have that same watch! And recently had to change the battery too. I have never been able to get it just right when it comes to calibration but I do use it a lot for intervals.

    • Yeah, getting it calibrated just right has always been tough. But I usually try to do my intervals on the track, where I know the distance is accurate. But other than that, its great!

  7. I wear a watch most of the time, but not always….I need a few runs now and then with no pressure to run fast. Sometimes, I need the freedom when I run.

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