Food Truck Love

When I found out my office was moving to Rosslyn, I complained. I complained a lot.  And then I realized food trucks go to Rosslyn too.  And suddenly the move to Rosslyn didn’t seem that bad did.

This week, I’ve had the chance to visit TWO food trucks, and I can honestly say I enjoyed them both!

On Tuesday, I checked out Something Stuffed.

I got the CTM Empanada.  It’s made with local, free-range chicken, flavored with Indian spices and a rich tomato cream sauce.

I gotta say, I was a huge fan of the crust.  Light and flaky, but didn’t feel toooo greasy.  It was delish!

I enjoyed 3 of those! I will def check out Something Stuffed when they come around toe Rosslyn again!

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of visiting with Seoul Food.  My boss had tried it a few weeks ago, and just RAVED about their bibimbap. So naturally, I was itching to try it.

When we got to the truck, there were a number of options I was interested in trying, one of them being the kimchi quesadilla.  However, I decided on the chicken bibimbap with medium sauce.

It was DELICIOUS! As soon as I started eating, I couldn’t stop! Everything just tasted so good! The chicken was amazing, and the sauce was just right.  Not too spicy, but a little bit of a kick.  I will ABSOLUTELY be going back to visit Seoul Food! And what makes it all even better is that it was only $8.00!

I was hoping to check out another food truck today (what 3 in a week is too much?) but there weren’t any here. 😦 That’s okay though! Next week, the Po’boy truck will be on my radar!

So far, Rosslyn, you are treating me well… 🙂

How do you feel about food trucks? Any favorites?

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8 thoughts on “Food Truck Love

  1. I love bibimbap! Thats so cool that its served on a food truck. I’ve only found good bibimbap at one place in Chicago, a traditional Korean restaurant that serves everyone an entire fried fish (head and all) with their meal. It’s a little bit intimidating and definitely limits how frequently I go there.

  2. I love food trucks! There’s a surprisingly good food truck scene here in Orlando, but I’m sure it’s nothing like a real city! Those empanadas look great!

    • I’ve heard the Orlando scene is getting bigger! Food trucks really are awesome! They make me (and my stomach) smile!

  3. Yum! We don’t really have any good Food Trucks where I live, mostly just fries and hot dogs with greasy looking workers who make you lose your appetite. I love to watch that food truck show on the Food Network and salivate over all the Food Truck delights.

  4. Can you tell those food trucks to drive to my house? They sound so yummy!

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