Monday smiles

Today was sort of a slow, grey day.  The sun barely came out, it was raining on and off all day, and I felt tired and super frustrated with work (mostly bc I screwed up).  So, I’m going to take the time to focus on some things that are making me happy. 🙂

My latest race medal – I worked hard for this, and I’ll work even harder for the next one!

Yay for a half-marathon PR!

Candy dishes at work – especially ones that used to hold birthday flowers

It contains chocolate for my office mate too!

Tickets to the Newseum – as a thank you from our CFO for helping with the new office painting.  Anyone want to go? 🙂

I’m excited to go visit the Newseum!

Manicures – My mom, my sister and I all got manicures for Mother’s Day! (I forgot to get pictures of all of us)

Yep, those are jelly beans in the background. If you ask nicely, I’ll share.

What’s making you smile these days?

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6 thoughts on “Monday smiles

  1. I haven’t had a manicure in so long- but they definitely make me smile!

    Right now I’m loving the sunny and warm weather. Spring is finally here!

  2. I really wanted to check out the Newseum last time I was in DC. I’m so jealous!

  3. Jelly Belly jelly beans? They are my favorite!

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