So close!

Yesterday, I ran the Frederick Half Marathon. It wasn’t my best race ever, but I ran as best I could.

Well, apparently that wasn’t enough.  Remember that sub-2 hour half marathon I’m chasing?

When I crossed the finish line, the clock time was 2:01:31, and that hurt.  But being a mere 49 seconds away from sub-2 hurts more.  I will be back.  Sub-2, you will be mine.

(actual race recap coming soon!)

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16 thoughts on “So close!

  1. That sucks! I missed my sub 2 hour half goal by 21 seconds, so I know exactly how you feel! I bet if you were to run another one in a few weeks, you could definitely get sub 2! Hang in there, it WILL be yours!!! (and also enjoy the fact that you ran a 2 hour half!)

    • 21 seconds! Thats insane! While it is frustrating, being that close is also a sign that it will happen soon!

  2. Wow you were so close!! I know you must be frustrated (I would be too) but channel it for you next race and OWN it! You can do it 😀

    And I totally know how you feel. I missing qualifying for Boston at my first marathon but like 10 seconds. So annoying!!

  3. That was me last November. I still haven’t done another half. But, I need to to be my time. Sorry you were so close. But, awesome time none the less.

  4. aw you were so close! still a fantastic run!

  5. So close!!! You’ll get it next time!

  6. Great time!! You WILL get your sub two, and you will probably blow it away next time!

  7. You’ll get there. But looks like you had a negative split, so that’s good!

  8. GREAT job!! Every race is just another great “training” run that will get you closer to the sub-2hour time. There is no doubt in my mind you’ll get it this summer 🙂

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