From Dupont to VA

For the past week, much of my time has been consumed with our office move.  Moving from Dupont Circle (in DC) to Rosslyn, VA has taken a lot of work. There was packing, shredding (a lot of recycling!), coordinating, painting, moving, more painting, etc.  But, I think the new office space looks great and is totally worth it!

I’ve worked here for over 2 years , so I’ve had some time to acquire quite a bit.  Here’s a picture of my cubicle, as it was, and after everything was all packed up:

I know, there was a lot going on.  And you can’t really see it well, but I had a wall of international monies going too.  My cube was something of an international circus. 🙂 (which made it so much sadder to see everything packed up)

When we visited the new office, the first thought was, “Wow, there are a lot of white walls.” Thus, my office mate and I decided to paint a bright accent wall in our office:

The (almost) final set-up of the office:

We’ll eventually get around to un-packing and actually putting things up on the wall.  But for time being, getting our desks set-up was a big step 🙂

And now, the view from our window:

You can sort of see the dome of the Jefferson Memorial in the back, if you squint…

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4 thoughts on “From Dupont to VA

  1. I love the bright office walls! What a great way to make work cheerful!

  2. Agreed Love that color! Happy New Office 🙂

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