Patience is a virtue

But does it equal a PR?

In an attempt to stay injury free, I’m beginning to add a few recovery runs to follow hard/long runs.  Doing a recovery run sounds easy and fun, right? Well yes, unless you’re me.

You see, I have trouble slowing down. (which is funny, bc I’m not at all fast!) I like to go out for every run and run at a comfortably hard pace.  I only feel good, and like I’ve made a difference, if I’ve pushed the pace a bit.  But this new strategy tells me to do otherwise.

Yesterday, I went out for my long run – a little over 6.5 miles.  About a mile into it, I decided, since the distance isn’t so great, I could push the pace a bit.  So I did, and I finished with an avg 8:53 pace.  In the grand scheme of things, the pace isn’t amazing, but I’m happy with the amount of effort and work I put into it.  I feel that I really challenged myself, when I could have easily just taken it back and relaxed.  In the end, it was a great run (with Kevin!) and I’m pleased with it.

Following a long run, I’m supposed to do a recovery run the next day.  So today, I planned to run 4 miles at a nice easy pace.  And since my new shoes just arrived, I decided to start breaking these babies!

Rocking the Brooks Adrenalines again!

I decided to bring my watch, but left the footpod at home so I wouldn’t have pace or distance (yes, i’m about the only person that doesn’t have GPS.  Waiting for a racing breakthrough so i can “earn” it!).  Again, it was VERY challenging to not pick up the pace.  Especially when there are people constantly passing you. 😦 not happy.  I focused on my purpose and my mission (get strong and stay healthy!) and maintained control.  Finished 4.2 miles with a 10:08 pace.  Still, looking at that pace makes me cringe a bit, but I just keep reminding myself that I will soon be capable of so much more!

Everyone always tells me that patience is a virtue.  And I get that.  But i really, REALLY hope it’s a PR too! 🙂

In other news, HUGE CONGRATS to everyone that ran the Rock and Roll USA Half & Full yesterday! I made it out to spectate and cheer on two of my friends for their first half marathon! Congrats Jane and Maria! It was a perfect way to start off St.Patrick’s Day! (I look forward to running some races with y’all this summer!)

In true spectating fashion, I busted out markers and glitter.

And this one was made with special reference for Krystal-Rose and Rachelle! You ladies did great! 2016 will be our turn for the Olympic Marathon!

At first when I started watching, I had a bit of race envy.  But then I just had so much fun spectating, and was so proud of everyone that I was really glad I was on the sidelines!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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3 thoughts on “Patience is a virtue

  1. I hear you, it can be much more difficult to slow down than to go fast. Hang in there though, I’m sure there’s a PR in your future 🙂

  2. Love the signs!! I’m sure your friends really appreciated your support.

  3. The hardest part about doing recovery runs was exactly what you said: 1) pride and 2) not feeling like I was working out. Some of my recovery runs I do inside on the treadmill, which makes running slow a lot easier! If recovery runs aren’t your thing, you could do cross training between your harder runs.!

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