Surprise, surprise!

Whew! It’s been a while since I blogged! I apologize for my absence, but it surely has been a busy week.

To start out, I had my birthday last week! Yay!  Little did I know that my day would be full of surprises…

I’m a March 1st baby, so I woke up Thursday morning, ready to embrace my 27th 20-fun year!  Unfortunately, I had scheduled a 7:30am call with our partners in Sri Lanka.  Not how I ideally wanted to start my birthday.  But was excited nonetheless to chat with our partners! They’re always so friendly and happy!

First surprise: we couldn’t get a solid connection.  We called, then the call dropped, we called, then the called dropped, over and over again.  Skype is so useful in many situations, but when the connection is iffy, welp, its useless.  Eventually we were able to get enough of a connection for me to ask for another number, and I just called their land-line number. We finally got to chatting, and the call overall went well, and I continued with my day.  Around lunch time, my co-worker Melissa and I decided that we wanted to enjoy the sunshine and food trucks for lunch.  So we trekked down to Farragut Square to join the lunchtime food truck party.


SURPRISE: BBQ Bus was there! We had walked down with the plan of checking out the Kimchi BBQ truck, but then I saw this gloriously-yellow site.  I’ve had BBQ Bus on my food truck sights for a while now, so I was very excited to try it.  Sadly, they were out of the bbq pulled pork AND the bbq beef, so I settled for their bbq chicken with coleslaw. (was too hungry for pictures, sorry y’all)  Meh. It was okay.  But, I would def go back to BBQ Bus and try something else.  Hopefully we get another nice day soon, so I can drag more co-workers down to Farragut Square with me! 🙂

After we got our food, we hurried back to the office (yes, we took a cab) because Melissa had a meeting to get to at 1:30pm.  We got back into the office with about 2 minutes to spare.  #winning!

I got back to my cubicle with the intention of enjoying my bbq chicken sandwich at my desk.  I realized I needed a knife to cut my sandwich, so I walked into the kitchen, and… SURPRISE!  The entire office (haha, all 15 of us) was in the kitchen with a yummy KEY LIME PIE! For me! For my birthday!  Yay 20-fun!

I know that we do this for everyone’s birthday, but i was honestly surprised! It turns out that Melissa’s 1:30pm meeting, was my birthday surprise.  I totally got punked! (but a pleasant punk-ing, i will say!)  I enjoyed some pie (DELICIOUS) with my co-workers, and then returned to my desk to eat my lunch.  Haha, I totally had dessert first, but that’s okay, it was my birthday!

I think I had just finished my sandwich, when one of my other co-workers came by letting me know that I had a delivery.  I was immediately confused…

SURPRISE!  Someone sent me flowers!  I immediately checked the card to see who the flowers were from, but it was not signed! I literally spent the next day trying to figure out who they were from, because someone (ahem – KEVIN) would not admit to it.  Crazy boy.

After work, I met some friends for birthday happy hour at District Chop House.  I had a great time! Great friends, good drinks, what’s not to love.  And then all of a sudden… SURPRISE!  The bartender brought this little treat out!

You can’t really see it, but the candles on the piece on the left are in the shape of a 2, and on the right a 7.  The bar apparently didn’t have any candles, so Krystal-Rose ran out to the nearest CVS to pick some up! 🙂 Too sweet!  The fun continued at another bar, and then at Johnny Rockets (I had apparently missed all food earlier in the night).

(It’s important to note that the bartender originally brought out a piece of chocolate cake w/o candles.  Needless to say, he was disappointed to hear that I didn’t like chocolate.  But, he totally redeemed himself.  I will be back for more happy hours, bartender-at-chophouse!)

I had a really fantastic day, and just might be ready to accept my 27th year.  BTW, I think it’s ALSO important to note that I received candy as a gift from my cubicle-neighbor, my sister and my boyfriend.  Now, that is WINNING! 🙂

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?  Do you like tons of surprises?

Any other March babies out there?!

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6 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise!

  1. Sounds like a great birthday!!

    I like to celebrate with dessert and lots of it 🙂

    Also, I’ve never tried to eat from a food truck. We have tons in Chicago but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. What is my problem 😛 ?

    • I loooove food trucks! I definitely don’t visit as much as I would like to, bc the walk can be kind of long, but I try to get out there whenever I can!

  2. Happy birthday lady! Sounds like it was great!

  3. Happy birthday girl! Sounds like you had a great day! Those flowers are gorgeous. I just got done celebrating Dean’s (my bf) birthday this past weekend. For my birthday…I love going out for food and wine with my closest friends.

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