Nap or Run?

Apparently, instead of hitting Publish on Thursday night, I just hit Preview, and this post was never published.  😦 Bloggin’ fail.  But, I caught the mistake, so I’m posting now! Sorry for the delay!


Napping vs. running.  Its not usually a big dilemma in my life but yesterday it was.  I was just sooo exhausted from the work day, that I knew I needed to go home and spend some time curled up in bed.  I’ve fallen victim to the longer-than-anticipated-but-my-bed-just-feels-so-good naps, and I wasn’t going to let that happen.  I HAD to go for a run because it was over 60 degrees out! (also bc Krystal-Rose told me to!)

My solution?

Sleep in my running clothes of course!  That way, when I wake up and see the bright-green of my sleeves, I’ll be immediately reminded that I have to go run! And it worked! (after I hit snooze once) I got a great 40 minute nap, and then hit the streets of DC.

Now, we all know running alone at night is not the safest, but sometimes it’s just what you gotta do.  And as someone that does it pretty frequently, I have grown to love it.  There’s something serene and calming about being out at night, despite all the night-time National Mall runners I see.  And although I don’t always ever wear my reflective vest, or carry a flashlight, I do make an effort to wear visible & reflective clothing, from head to toe.  I stick to white, bright and reflective.  I see too many runners out at night, wearing black, grey and navy blue, and hope and PRAY that they see cars and cars see them.  DC drivers can be really, really aggressive, and I just wouldn’t want to chance it.

So, when getting dressed today, I opted for my ULTRA VISIBLY REFLECTIVE SUPER OBNOXIOUS long sleeve tee.  It’s bright, bright green and honestly my fav.  And I decided to pair it with a pair of grey shorts.  I chose the grey shorts bc they have a white trim.  So I was hoping that if the green of my shirt didn’t catch anyone’s eye, then the white trim of my shorts would?

Next up, socks.  Well lucky for me, I invested in a 3-pack of highlighter-colored Asics socks.  So, I thought it only made perfect sense to bust out the green one. All done in hopes that my highlighter green feet (in my shoes of course) would alert on-coming traffic that there’s a runner in the road.

And the final touch?  Earrings.  Yep, i ALWAYS wear earrings when I run (studs only – nothing dangly!).  Not sure why, but I just always do.  And when I run at night, I try to wear the most blingin’ earrings I have. (don’t worry, no diamonds!) Yep, so that a reflection can/could be created.  I don’t know if this actually works, but it sure provides me some comfort!

Ready to run!

Awful picture I know, but it shows the reflectivity at work!

Can I just say, I love where I live.  I love that I’m quick 10 minute jog away from the National Mall and all the monuments.  And I love, love, LOVE running by the monuments at night (unless the route to them is along a poorly lit path – hello JEFFERSON).

It was a relatively short run (4.5) where I started feeling hungry/tired around mile 2, so it was a race to get home and chow down.  And I’m pleased to say this led to proper post-run fueling! 🙂

Peanut butter with some non-fat plain Chobani, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  I’ve been holding on to the Chobani for a while now, so I was looking for a way to use it.  I figured it would provide a nice complement to the sweetness of the peanut butter (which has a hint of coconut).  And it was! It made for a nice refreshing post-run snack.  And it packs in plenty of protein ( i hope!)

Do you run at night?  If so, what do you wear to make sure you’re seen?

And what are some great post-run fuel options? 

I know Julia mentioned SlimFast-like shakes as a good option.  Any other recommendations?

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4 thoughts on “Nap or Run?

  1. I don’t run at night very often, but when I do, I love it also! So peaceful!

  2. I bet running by the monuments would be amazing! I must do that one day!

  3. I don’t run at night, I probably would if I had someone with me, but I’d feel nervous on my own.

    That’s really awesome that you live so close to the monuments, how cool!

  4. I’m a morning runner, mainly because by the end of the day I’m too tired to run. It is a chore, but there is something calming and relaxing about seeing the moon on my way out and watching the sunrise as I head home.

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