Dear Under Armour

Dear Under Armour,

I love your running clothes.  They seriously are great.  They keep me warm or cool, always comfortable, and make me feel speedy.  Which is why I was so excited when I got a pair of your running tights as a Christmas gift.  The looked and felt great.

And then I tried to run in them.

I realized, I either needed to hold my pants up, or tie a shirt around my waist in order to prevent myself from becoming a running plumber.  Not a good look for Daphne.

Today, I thought I would be smarter and safety-pin these lovely tights, like so:

Sorry for the awkward pic, y'all!

A safety-pin on each side, and a band-aid underneath to prevent chafing from the pin.  I must thank Krystal-Rose for the additional safety-pin and the excellent Woody band-aid, because just one was not enough to keep my pants up.  All this, to complete an almost 8 mile run (at 8:52 pace! woo!).  I will say it worked, but I’d like to not have to do this again.  Please start making your waistbands proportionate to the pant size.

Love & Running,


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6 thoughts on “Dear Under Armour

  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear they don’t fit so great, but creative fix!

  2. Dude, how goofy?! For the price they were, they shoulda fit like a GLOVE. I like your macgyvering skills and making it work 😛

  3. Baggy running bottoms are the worst! Like your make-shift belt!

  4. Hah are they mens? I bought a pair of Nike men’s tights and had the same problem!! But my underarmor tights fit pretty well (I did buy them like 3 years ago though- hey at least they’re durable).

  5. How annoying! I have that problem with pants in general….pants that fit my things and butt are always too big in the waste. I should start a brand of jeans made for athletes! But seriously, you’d think UnderArmor would fit…I love my nike capris (and they have a draw string) and my lulu pants. Yes, the lulu pants are expensive, but they do last forever…they even survived my fall off of a scooter/vespa!!

  6. I’ve never tried UnderArmour brand tights myself… I have CW-X, which, are a workout to put on, very small fitting, and I never have to worry about them falling off.
    Glad the safety pin worked though!

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