Post-Valentine’s Day

Now that Valentine’s Day is said and done, the real fun begins for me. 🙂

  • After-holiday candy sales.  Valentine’s day is no different.  Hello multiple-bags-of-candy-hearts-for-50% off!  I promise I won’t go too crazy – just a few bags to stash at work, and a few for my apartment (and maybe I’ll share with my roommates?)

  • Dinner with Kevin!  I made it up to b-more this weekend, and we dined at the lovely Milan restaurant on Saturday night.  Sorry there are no pics from the dinner, but I promise it was all super yummy! For my main course, I had ravioli stuffed with grilled chicken, tomatoes and spinach.  It was great! And the tiramisu for dessert was perfect! 🙂

This is probably what I looked like

  • Time to get back in shape! My week off from running is over, so I am officially getting back into it! I ran 5 miles on Saturday morning, and it felt okay.  I mean, I was really aware of the fact that I had taken a week off, but I managed to get through it.  Tomorrow, I plan to do about 6-7.  Also, I need to start doing that intense core workout again.  I’ve decided this is going to be the summer of abs!
  • 2 weeks until my birthday! (and i’ve already let my parents and my sister know exactly what they should get me – heellllo new running shoes!)

I’m not going to lie, my approaching birthday is a bit more panic-inducing than excitement-inducing.  But I’m trying to focus on turning 20-fun instead of something else 🙂

And now tomorrow is President’s Day! Yay for having a day off! And to celebrate I’m going to go for a run with maybe a few stops at the monuments. Happy birthday Presidents!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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2 thoughts on “Post-Valentine’s Day

  1. Sounds like a great Valentine’s Day, I love how you’re excited about candy sales 🙂

    Enjoy your day off!

  2. Ahh! I’m so glad I found your blog – I am a huge candy fan myself! However, I’m a fan of chocolate candies more so than not chocolate. i DO love gummy candies though 🙂

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