Don’t forget…

Part of my base training is a long run on the weekend.  Since this is my first week of the “plan”, I decided that my long run should only be about 6-7 miles.  After spending most of my Saturday morning, flopping around in bed, I finally got the motivation to get up and get dressed for my run.  I pulled out my clothes and all the running accessories I would need: ipod, gloves, house key, knee strap.

I grabbed everything, locked the door and left.  Within the first few minutes, I started to feel some pain in my shins.  I was not happy to find something else wrong, but I decided to go a bit further to see if it persisted.  Just before the 1 mile mark, by the Capitol (not the Hunger Games one…) I realized I left my knee strap sitting on the floor in my room. (cue dramatic sigh)  I literally stopped, and thought for a moment about my options.  I could go back and get it, I could attempt to do all 6 without it, or I could just run shorter.  I decided that my best option would be to just cut my run short.

I was certainly angry/disappointed with myself for leaving the knee strap at home.  I had these grand plans on completing a great 6 mile run, and then going home to ice, and possibly do an ice bath.  And all of that was ruined bc I forgot a silly strap. I guess I turned my anger towards my run, so my pace was pretty fast for me (right now).  I only ended up cranking out 3 miles with an 8:39 pace.  I might try to do 5-6 tomorrow, depending on how I feel in the morning.

The one good thing about cutting my run short is that I didn’t aggravate my shin pain.  I’m definitely one of those runner’s that will run through almost all pain, until it basically cripples me.  And if I had not forgotten my knee strap, I can bet you $100 that I would have done the 6 miles regardless of how my shins were feeling.  BUT, this year is supposed to be different.  I’m trying to listen to my body more, and treat it well.  That requires stretching, strengthening, slow build-up of miles, icing (and ice baths – thanks to Melissa @ Hungry Healthy Happy for the recent info!), and resting when things hurt.  I sometimes forget that I shouldn’t be feeling pain with every step.  Sometimes, its okay (and a good idea!) to just call it quits and go home.


Anyhow, to make up for my long-run-that-wasn’t, I decided to torture my abs.  Because I want to be RIPPED, but also just want a strong core. 🙂


I got this workout from Meghann @ Meals and Miles.  And its HARD.  Like, really, really hard.  It says to do 6 sets, but so far I’ve only made it up to 3.  Clearly, my core needs a ton of work.

Now that I’ve stretched, iced and food-ed, it’s time to watch the UMD vs Duke game! Go Terps!


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3 thoughts on “Don’t forget…

  1. Sorry about your run. But I’m glad you didn’t push yourself too hard and risk injury!

  2. Sorry you didn’t get your long run in but its really good that you’re listening to your body, thats something a lot of runners forget to do!

  3. We all have days like that, and you know what….a short run is better than no run!! At least you got out there!! Be careful with the shins, I always shin splints….I think I shared with you my link from my blog about them? For me, they always flare up in the beginning of a training program/increase in training and then go away, but what I’ve learned from past injuries is that I’m not as invincible as I thought, and so it is good to rest the body when it needs it!

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