Let’s Try Something New…

In the past 3 weeks, I have come to realize the the knee pain I’ve been feeling for the past 3 MONTHS is in fact due to my IT Band.  I’m not a doctor, so I”ll let Runner’s World explain to you exactly what’s going on.  So, yeah, that’s happening, and it sucks.

Typically, the best thing to do for ITBS is to rest, ice, rest, and not prepare for a half marathon in a few weeks.  But I’m not typical (and I have a half marathon in less than 2 weeks now!).  The inter-webs have been my best friend as I search over and over for fixes (quick and slow, but mostly quick) to this ITBS drama.  So far I’ve come up with 3 good options : foam roller, knee strap, KT Tape.

  1. Foam Roller:  Although I currently do not own one (i know, i know, every runner should own one), I do have The Stick, and I massage the crap out of my IT Bands 2x a day.  And let me tell you, it is not an easy thing to do/continue to do.  BUT, fear not!  I have ordered a foam roller off the interwebs (signif cheaper than in-store) so hopefully that arrives soon.
  2. Knee Strap: I don’t own it yet, but also have not ruled it out.  It’s apparently a strap that goes right above your knee, with a little piece that’s supposed to go over your IT Band.  Reviews have told me that its really hit or miss, so I’m leaving this for my last resort.
  3. KT Tape:  We can all thank Kerri Walsh for intro-ing us to KT Tape during the Beijing Olympics.  I figure, since it worked for her, it must work for me too!  Also, I’m expecting to make the Olympic team for something (maybe the marathon? or archery?) bc of the benefits of KT Tape.  That’s not asking too much, is it?
So when I got home last night (after a GREAT night of karaoke, might I add), I decided to test out this magical KT Tape.  Note: it’s not easy to look like Kerri Walsh.

It’s actually really hard to follow the videos, but this was only attempt numero uno.  So there’s hope that I’ll get better.  I’m excited to test it out on my run tonight! Fingers crossed that it works/helps!  All I know is that i MUST make it to the finish line of the ING Miami Half Marathon! The medals are supposed to be super cool this year!

Since I also experience some pain in my right foot from Plantar Fasciitis, I used the KT Tape for that too.  Much, much easier to apply to the foot, and I certainly felt the tension right away. Very excited about the possibilities with KT Tape/ my future at the Olympics!

Go Team USA!

On a very random note, while writing this post I heard this song by a one Bruno Mars.  Which obviously reminded me of a certain 2-year-old nephew that loves to sing it in the car.  He’s so funny!

Yeah, I was trying to give him a nice solid fro


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3 thoughts on “Let’s Try Something New…

  1. I hope the tape helps! Good luck with your run tonight!

  2. I hope the tape helps! I am actually a pretty big fan of the strap – though I find it only helps when I’m running. As soon as I take it off the muscle gets pretty tight again.

    • Oh, that’s great to hear! I picked up a knee strap, but haven’t run in it yet. I’m hoping it helps me achieve just a few more miles! Thanks for letting me know!

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